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Unformatted text preview: RHETORICAL SITUATIONS Anita Hill’s 1991 Situation • Exigency Clarence Thomas was about to be confirmed as Supreme Court Justice, even though he had a history of sexual harassment o Senate judiciary commiting was aware of allocations but wasn’t doing anything about it • Audience senate committee o Supports/fans of Clarence smith o Senate committee who was voting Clarence Thomas in • Constraints Resources o Topic sexual harassment was a controversial topic Hard to prove sexual harassment Laws on sexual harassment but weren’t being well enforced or were understood in workplace o Persuasive field Other women who had worked with Thomas in the passed claimed in didn’t act in such a way towards them Individuals were attacking her credibility Other opinions of both hill and Thomas Clarence was well respected/well connected • Focus of his work was in civil rights o Audience Senate Constraints= senate was large 98% male, white powerful men, men hadn’t worked under anyone so they would have probably never been victim of sexual...
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