Participation Exercise 10

Participation Exercise 10 - we seek their votes, but...

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Participation Exercise #10 Madelyn Petralia PART I: identify 3 or 4 of Kennedy’s stylistic pattern and provide textual evidence 1. Parallelism a. Paragraph 2: “symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning – signifying renewal, as well as change.” b. Paragraph 4: “born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace” c. Paragraph 15: “civility is not a sign of weakness and sincerity is always subject to proof” d. Paragraph 18: “let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.” 2. Antithesis a. Paragraph 3: “for man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life” b. Paragraph 9: “not because the communists may be doing it, not because
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Unformatted text preview: we seek their votes, but because it is right c. Paragraph 12: not a pledge but a request d. Paragraph 16: let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us. e. Paragraph 27: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man 3. Metaphor a. Paragraph 3: torch has been passed b. Paragraph 8: riding the back of the tiger c. Paragraph 10: the master of its own house d. Paragraph 20: a beachhead of cooperation i. jungle of suspicion e. Paragraph 23: how the trumpet summons us again f. Paragraph 25: and the glow from that fire 4. Ultimate terms a. God: Americans, peace, human rights, friend, liberty b. Devil: tyranny, poverty, disease, war itself...
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Participation Exercise 10 - we seek their votes, but...

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