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midterm study guide - o How might they or might they not...

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25 multiple choice 2/3 short answer Section 2 – fill in the blank Section 4 list something – different way to ask some of the questions asked on the exam - Arugement 1 vs argument 2 - Appropriate contexts do we argue - Generally and specifically use argumentation - Moments where we should no use argumentation if so whaat are they - What is the narrative paradigm o Who came up with the idea o Scholar associate - Narrative fidelity - Narrative probability o A student comes to my office and says they couldn’t come to class all semester cuz their daughter died remembered no children. .story not factually accurate I applied test of ____ - Stock issues o Describe and explain each of them are o Tell you why you use them o What they help us understand o Inherency Examples Differences attitdunal vs structural - Refute arguments o 4 steps in refutation process
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Unformatted text preview: o How might they or might they not happen What serve as a barrier to listen in a focused maner-What does it mean to be an effective arguer -What does it mean to be persuasive-What does it mean to be an ethical aruger-Chapter 1 – research done by wayne brocarty o 3 analygies to describe unethical arugers-Know the difference between propositions of fact, value, and policy-Abstraction as a tactic and well as some of the other tactics in chapter 9-Familiarize holihan and basky about how we understand things o Cultural knowledge o Why is it that we argue in the first place o How do we make decisions through the arugmentation process-Know the ones we talked about o Slippery slope o Bandwagon o Either or o Ad homin o Red herring o Straw man o Hasty generalization...
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midterm study guide - o How might they or might they not...

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