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review session - 1 one shot case study o o o X level of...

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1) one shot case study o X level of dependent variable o O measure of Independent variable o Lacks comparison, only have one group at one time, want to make conclusion how independent affects dependent but we can’t o Static group comparison 2) 2 levels of independent variable = x and = x (could be written other ways) o For X we measure dependent or O and same for =O o We didn’t creat the groups Not randomly assigned o Wed like to say X and =X bring about O o Maybe can’t say above because of selection history, etc. go down the list to make corrections o Selection factor idea of pushing parents affecting results o Could make study wrong o Link kinds of studies with kinds of problems to make better o 2 groups of people (X and =X) measure their dependent variable (O and O) but can’t do that if selections a problem or mortality o (there could be a drop out rate) o Ex: study on smokers, people die, no info on them o This study we have to be very careful of selection and mortality o Ex of study: give out a questionare are you athlete or not? Measure grades of athletes and not athletes. Bad grades in “ could result because of something else
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o Could have 3 groups o Ex: ask people their income see how it affects who they voted for. How do we fix selection and mortality problems?
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