Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 ITEMIZED RATING SCALE aka specific...

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Chapter 7 ITEMIZED RATING SCALE aka specific category scales and numerical scales, require the rater to select one of a small number of categories that are ordered by their scale position. COMPARATIVE SCALEs esplicity require the judge to make comparisons. The positions on the rating scale are expressly defined on the basis of a given population or social group or in respect to people of known characteristic o RANK-ORDER SCALE judges are required to rank individuals specifically in relation to one another; the judges indicate which person is highest in regard to the characteristics being measured,w hich I snext highest and so on down to the on who is lowest. They epitomize the ordinal level of measurement Rank order scales are used only when the investigator is concerned with a limited group of individuals Self-ratings vs ratings by others o Self= fear and no idea of what constitutes behavior – different opinions o Take precautions and obtain valid and reliable information make a frame of reference explicity and specifically what attribute is being rated Construction and Use of Rating Scales: Some Cautions o HALO BIAS systematic error, refersw to the tendency for overall positive or negative evaluations of the object or person being rated to influence ratings on specific dimensions o GENEROSITY ERROR raters overestimates the desirable qualities of people that they like o CONTRAST ERROR a tendency for raters to see others as opposite to them on a trait, arises from using one’s own position on a dimension as an anchor for rating others o Random errors can occur, like rater fatigue o The use of multiple raters and compuatation of a mean rating for each rated object
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 ITEMIZED RATING SCALE aka specific...

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