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feb 22 discussion

feb 22 discussion - Comm402 Chapter 3 Dependent Variables...

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Comm402 2/22/10 Chapter 3 Dependent Variables and Independent variables o In an experiment the independent variable (IV) is the variable that is varied or manipulated by the researcher and the dependent variable (DV) is the response that is measured o In non-experimental research, where there is no experimental manipulation the IV is the variable that ‘logically’ has the effect on a DV. For example in the research on cig smoking and lung cancer cig smoking which has been Identifying IVs and DVs o There will a statistically significant difference in grad rates of at risk high school seniors who participate in an intensive study program as opposed to at risk high school seniors who do not participate in the intensive study program IV- participation in intensive study program DV- graduation rates Validity and Reliablitiy o Validity determines whether the research truly measures that which it was intended to measure or how truthful the research results are.
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