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Notes comm402 4/21/10 Single Probability reward Schedule o Only reward one choice, but not 100% of the time Cheese on the left 80% of the time, but never on the right o Study simulation graph, p. 278 carefully With 80% reward seem to approach asymptotote of about 80% left With 20% reward, asymptote is around 55% Why isn’t the second asymptote about 20%?
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Unformatted text preview: • Double probablility reward schedule o A probability of reward on either side Eg, 40% of left and 80% right (not sum to 1) o Study graph, p. 279, with L=40% and R=20% or R=80% When R=20%, asymptote at ~ 60% Left choices When R=80% asymptote at ~ 25% Left choices Why not asymptote at 0%? 20%? 80%?...
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