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Circular models are not testable; they accounted for all possibilities Critical experiments an observation that will allow us to choose from different models Importance of being wrong avoiding prejudices. Three ways: think as much as possible in terms of alternative models; make the pursuit of truth possible, thus less important; be intellectually playful. Dissonance theory and model building o Disoonance theory predicts that the amount of dissonance is influenced by 2 facts: the proportion of dissonant and consonant cognitions and the importance of cognitions o It makes sense that the more inconsistent thoughts I have the more dissonance I should experience. If I receive 10 good evaluations and 2
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Unformatted text preview: bad evaluations of my employee I have less cognitive dissonance than when I receive 6 good evaluations and 6 bad evaluations of my employee • Premise is a proposition, supposition, or hypothesis upon which one bases a conclusion. o Control group: participants in a control group are used as a standard for comparison • Random assignment is assignment by chance like flipping coin or pulling numbers out of a hat. This method is sometimes used to determine who is in the experimental group and who is in the control group. • Credibility (ethos): those qualities of a speaker that make him/her believable • Each model represents different phenomenas...
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