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Be familiar with the history of the U.S. meat processing industry including its primary locations until the mid 20 th century, why those locations have changed, and what advances in technology have lead to improved meat production, processing, and distribution. Be able to list the names of the intact male, castrate, pre-parturition female, post-parturition female for bovine, ovine, caprine and porcine species. Understand stages of production and time for each production phase for all four red meat species and poultry. Describe how the production of each of these species has changed since 1940. What is the role of USDA-FSIS inspection for ante and postmortem slaughter inspection. What is the role of USDA-FSIS in day-to-day processing activities. Know what biological pathogen(s) are of primary concern from beef products.
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Unformatted text preview: List several food safety interventions utilized by commercial beef slaughter operations. What drives the profitability of the slaughter portion of the meat industry? Why does a retailer have a markup cost? How do commercial slaughter facilities remain profitable? What is required to be on a meat label? If microbial pathogens are identified on the surface of a carcass, where did they probably originate? Relative to inspection, what is different about conventional from ritual slaughter? Why is meat an ideal medium for microbial growth? Why is an intact steak safe when cooked to medium rare, but not a ground beef patty at the same degree of doneness? Study the portions of the scientific method and be able to decipher the hypothesis, independent, dependent, and control variables....
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