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Unformatted text preview: Packing House ByPacking Products Use everything but the squeal or moo!! squeal or moo Definitions & Importance Definitions By-products - portions of the meat animal that are not composed of mainly skeletal muscle not by-products of slaughtering meat animals that is not a part of the carcass as it leaves the slaughter area. leaves ~$60-70 / 1,000 lbs. of live animal Edible offal - variety meats variety Non-edible offal - hide, hair, digestive tract contents digestive ƒ Other non-muscle - fat, bone and other connective Other tissues from the cutting and processing of the carcass of ‚ Offal Offal Ancestors verses Today Ancestors Ancestors… Skin -- clothing Bones, Horns -- tools & weapons Tendons, Intestines -- weapons, tools, & Tendons, binding binding Stomachs, Bladders, Skins -- containers Teeth, Claws, Feathers – ornaments Variety Meats . Today Today By Products, a source of income for By the meat processing industry the • 15% • • • total sale value of the products of a slaughtered beef animal slaughtered 4.9% 4.9% 8.44% 8.44% 1.73% (edible) (edible) (inedible) (rendered product) Edible Offal Edible Variety Meats -- liver, heart, tongue, brains, kidney, sweetbreads, (thymus &/or pancreas), oxtail, tripe, lamb & calf fries (testicles, often called mountain oysters), intestines (natural casings) and in some societies blood. societies Meat trimmings Meat derived from heads derived Edible fats FSIS monitored -- must be WHOLESOME Animal Fats Animal Ancestors used as… food energy source, food fuel for oil lamps, grease to rub into hides making the tepees waterproof, hair sheen hair Today Rendering -- extraction involving heating or cooking – Many levels of quality ( with vegetable oil) • Major types of animal fats – Lard = Pork fat Lard Pork – Tallow = Beef fat Beef Inedible Fats Inedible Products from animal fats… Animal feeds, Oils/Grease, Oils/Grease, Soap Soap Fatty Acids -- shaving creams, cleaners, perfume, Fatty cosmetics, deodorants, polishes, paints, printing inks inks Glycerin -- carrier of external medicine nitroglycerine 100 lbs. of fat = 24.5 lbs. of nitroglycerine Inedible Fats Sources Mainly dead or condemned animals or hides as well as floor scrapings scrapings • Separate rendering units Separate rendering Pharmaceutical By-Products Pharmaceutical Glands & Glands Tissues Tissues Adrenal Epinephrine - shrink blood vessels during surgery, restore Epinephrine heartbeats in cases of cardiac arrest heartbeats Corticosteriods - influence & regulate the human body’s Corticosteriods utilization of minerals & nutrients, influence fat, sugar, H20 & CHO metabolism fat, Enzymes, Hormones Enzymes, & Other Chemicals Other Extracted, purified and prepared for the consumer Brain Brain Cholesterol ----- D3 building of bones & teeth Thromboplastin -- blood coagulant in surgery Pharmaceutical By-Products cont’d Pharmaceutical Gall Bladder Gall Bile extract - dissolves gallstones Bile Heart Heart Hog heart valves - implant into humans Bovine pericardial tissue - patch pericardial tissue of Bovine patients after bypass or heart surgery patients Intestines Intestines Heparin - blood thinner Enterogastrone - gastric secretion regulation “Cat Gut” - surgical suture Liver Liver Vitamin B12 - pernicious anemia Pharmaceutical By-Products cont’d Pharmaceutical Ovaries - Progesterone & Estrogen Ovaries Progesterone Pancreas - Insulin Insulin Pituitary Pituitary TSH - stimulates thyroid gland, locates small TSH particles of thyroid cancer particles Oxytocin - induce labor ACTH - treatment of psoriasis, rheumatism, ACTH arthritis, etc. arthritis, Vasopressin (ADH) - water loss regulation Stomach - Numerous proteins & enzymes Stomach Numerous Meat Meal - Animal Feeds Meat Tankage & Meat Meal Fish Meal Blood Meal Feather Meal Bone Meal Ruminant (cattle & sheep) by-products can not be fed back to Ruminant animal (cattle & sheep) Human Foods • • • • • Gelatin Candies Dairy Products Diet products Jellies Household Products • • • • • Candles Cosmetics Deodorants Floor Wax Insulation Ceramics Crayons Detergents Insecticides Linoleum Household Products -Cont • • • • • Mouthwash Paper Plastics Soaps Textiles Paints Perfume Shaving Cream Synthetic Rubber Toothpaste Other Uses • Fertilizer Lubricant – Jets – Outboard motors – Brake fluid Antifreeze Asphalt • Glue Tires (stearic acid) ...
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