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Unformatted text preview: lts, experiments must be retested. Example Observation: We have a flea problem Hypothesis: Will this cheap flea collar work? Independent Variable: Flea collar Dependent Variable: Presence of fleas Control Variable: Anything that might effect the number of fleas on the dogs Can we think of some??? Experimental Design 500 dogs of various breeds from local shelters Use 200 dogs with the most fleas Randomly assign individuals to 2 groups­ Flea collar and Control collar Reexamine dogs after 2 wks Results Dogs with flea collars had half as many fleas as dogs with control collars Solving a Problem Solving 1)Identify a Problem 2) State Observations about the problem 3) Form a Hypothesis about the problem (if…then…) 4) Design an Experiment to test the hypothesis 5) Collect Data 6) Form a Conclusion 7) Retest What you are going to do!!! Science in Action!!!!! Group research presentations­ Less than 10 slides In Class Presentations­ Thursday, November 18th...
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