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ANS 2002- Quiz 2 Name: ________________ 1) What portion of the beef production cycle (cow-calf, stocker, feedlot) is the most significant within the State of Florida? (3 points) 2) Approximately how many months of age is the average market steer at slaughter? (3 points) 3) The increased number of U.S. consumers of Hispanic, Latin, Caribbean, or Arab descent has increased and will continue to increase the demand for what muscle protein? (2 points) 4) The infrastructure of modern poultry production is most similar to what other muscle protein? (2 points) 5) Over the past 30 years the number of hog farms has decreased but the amount of U.S. pork produced
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Unformatted text preview: has increased. Name two reasons this occurred. (4 points) 6) Name two challenges for the U.S. lamb industry. (4 points) 7) What is the most important component to the profit margin of the slaughter portion of the meat and poultry industry? (2 points) Extra credit- What is the instructor’s name for this course? (2 points) What is the teaching assistant’s name for this course? (2 points) Are cull cows marketed differently than fed steers and heifers? Explain (2 points) 1...
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