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ANS 2002- Quiz 3 1) What are three differences between USDA inspection and grading? (6 points) 2) What does the acronym HACCP stand for? (3 points) 3) How is HACCP based inspection different from previous USDA regulatory inspection? (2 points) 4) How does ritual slaughter differ from conventional slaughter, relative to USDA inspection? (2 points) 5) What does antemortem slaughter inspection insure? (2 points) 6) What does the acronym USDA-FSIS stand for? (3 points) 7) In a scientific experiment, what is the difference between an independent and a dependent variable?
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Unformatted text preview: (2 points) Extra Credit- (5 points) Postmortem slaughter inspection prevents animal health risks from becoming human health risks. This involves many components, but one of the primary functions of inspection is to ensure the hot carcass has no evidence of milk, digesta, or fecal material prior to receiving the stamp of inspection. This policy is referred to as __________ ___________________ . 1...
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