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SCAN0019 - Calibration Methods Chapter 4-5 How to quantify...

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Unformatted text preview: Calibration Methods Chapter 4-5 How to quantify Sang 861qu has Calibration 13mm Nor SQ - More complex than y=mx+b M76“ W F‘U ClCQJ" leIS - Internal standards ZCVG CCHWG/H On - External standards - Standard addition :7 VWOYW‘ZEXG’ ihS. ME to Log -\;m‘+ oar otuuflor) 35blm'“ “New“ 4* si mt wmfisl M 6m 8 -r M“ ‘5 Log LumH o’+ ‘05b Im glaqugw ”Flame *‘n ””‘r2 :7 Om Cor +mt (UZ— chvQJnHCn OOQH'Jidafl—l how NW erLLamken do we haw, buwmm V6! 4 mm | Ill—3F 13mm lirw V99 iCfi x = Inmvwdcnl variable fl *rmca, Mags; 6 99b 22 , Q _ Me) rU $103801) ...
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