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SCAN0007 - Respiratory Zone tory Membrane its real thint.t...

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Unformatted text preview: 6/28/2010 Respiratory Zone tory Membrane its real thint.t......... I This air-blood barrier is composed of: I Alveolar and capillary walls Respiratory . vmnmn» i x b I Then [used basal [minus I Alveolar walls: I Are a single layer of type I epithelial cells I Permit gas exchange by simple diffusion I Secrete angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) I Type II cells secrete surfactant “my; fi’J-‘K I‘unqu'imnlm. as. 3.»... “any.“ 5mm. ragga e m mm" mum,“ Jaw“ ulkfl‘an-s mun-n Alveoli I Surrounded by fine elastic fibers ~~u--— Capillaries I Contain open pores that: I Connect adjacent alveoli Eiasfic fibers I Allow air pressure throughout the lung to be equalized I House macrophages that keep alveolar surfaces sterile "mid: east Ismnfl’wtumiw .mmu 1 4mm cm. (Lg-63.9 em l‘zzmm imzlqunnfibaPfi-ll was“ Diane-Q! Respiratory Membrane Gross Anatomy of the Lungs I Lungsl occupy all of the thoracic cavity except the mediastinum sum-um our uncut } new I Root — site of vascular and bronchial attachments I Cosgtal surface — anterior, lateral, and posterior surfaces in contact with the ribs I Apex — narrow superior tip “WWW” I Base — inferior surface that rests on the diaphragm 0] “h alveolar wimium m m mm; «am m-pm-ry __CIP“'IW mmnm— I Hilys — indentation that contains pulmonary and systemic blood vessels Figure 21 a c, d rim-w m. mmmmr zn.;11r~|4mn» 4mm”: :mm ...
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