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SCAN0035 - Metaboiism the mantra Stages of Metaboiism tr...

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Unformatted text preview: 7/7/2010 Metaboiism the mantra Stages of Metaboiism tr sported to tissues I ngymes shitt the high-energy ghosghate grows at ATP ,0 other molecules I An bolism and formation of catabolic Int ediates where nutrients are: I These ghosghorglated molecules are activated to I Bu. t into lipids, proteins, and glycogen gertarm cellular tunctions roken down by cataboiic pathways to pyruvic acid and acetyl CoA I Oxidative breakdown — nutrients are catabolized to carbon dioxide, water, and ATP mud-r aw ram-12 tagfim um raw mu: 1.31:.mmijm u Banjm mom-u: of Metaboiism zip-:9 e. m "use; _ . It‘VieWO 111 ermetiar me a0 1301 Handout and summary sheet at the web sxte ‘ y mmm .11 mm,- Swrage: big to mus No useful energy 6 i Fats Polysaccharides Proteins ) aminoacids Some ATP: lime to Acetyi Co - 4 elecu‘on pairs 1‘ am! p9 Y! citric acid ve de CV (mg: v: M: mm Inm'wmli z»..;w»m, mikv‘emr: newmz ...
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