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SCAN0042 - /fi x Poweri’oinr’ Lecture Slides prepared...

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Unformatted text preview: /fi / x Poweri’oinr’ Lecture Slides prepared by Vin-cc Austin, University of Kentucky Nutrition, Metabolism. and Body Temperature Regulation Part B Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition Elaine N. Marieh new; a c m Oxidation of Amino Acids I Oxidative deamination -— the amine group of glutamic acid is: I Released as ammonia I Combined with carbon dioxide in the liver I Excreted as urea by the kidneys I Keto acid modification — keto acids from transamination are altered to produce metabolites that can enter the Krebs cycle mm: c :4. “amen gamma ,m’fltfll‘l Arlifidlmu‘. {Lulu-tn Synthesis of Proteins I Amounts and types of proteins: I Are hormonally controlled I Reflect each life cycle stage I A complete set of amino acids is necessary for protein synthesis I All essential amino acids must be provided in the diet cat-M c m Wm harm“ :30: puma»). anorexia zmrm n of Amino Acids I Transamination — switching of an amine group from an amino acid to a keto acid (usually ot- ketoglutaric acid of the Krebs cycle) I Typically, glutamic acid is formed in this process x;,,.v,s mm mm I Amino acids are the most important anabolic nutrients, and they form: I All protein structures I The bulk of the body’s functional molecules minim". Varese-fl mun-r..." Summalry: Carbohydrate Metaboiic know TABLE 24A _ Wmlhmai Wham“: Reactions _ _. _ 4 7/7/2010 amydum ‘ Cam-Kw mall-m:- , 9nd :cgczlim mmm a... was“. «grim», “we, .50" W3. “3 Amp. m) mam» m :m- sweet M. 1m Enfigy amalgam m: ‘cfv‘wedrt; lng mm mum Q's-Sim med 2c mfiAfif’ w a, forts; A‘? : m,» : .~-=. mmgamm m. ”mm mm m. imam: lel: 24 2 I ...
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