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SCAN0069 - Pituitary-Hypothalamic Relationships Posterior...

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Unformatted text preview: Pituitary-Hypothalamic Relationships: Posterior Lobe I The posterior lobe is a downgrowth of hypothalamic neural tissue I Has a neural connection with the hypothalamus (hypothalamic—hypophyseal tract) I Nuclei of the hypothalamus synthesize oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone (ADH) I These hormones are transported to the posterior pituitary ( ADH OXYTOCIN ) TQ Pituitary-Hypothaiamic Relationships: Anterior Lobe (W) A mg: to: too" mama: 0;, (INS, iwfi'j) “ I There is a vascular connection, the hypophyseal portal system, consisting of: I The primary capillary plexus I The hypophyseal portal veins I The secondary capillary plexus mm» mm mm. mm nn.in:.y-.bw11£q is warm smug. Etutjfimro tie-'1— 1'»; «to; « 3mg» Adenophypophyseal Hormones I The six hormones of the adenohypophysis:(TQ) I Are abbreviated as GH, TSH, ACTH, IfSH, LH, and PRL firmaqicfigi (firmly (3t Gfi’: I Regulate the activity of other endocrine glands I In addition, pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC)®WHAT? ""-—‘Zm> i, L13“ ”1 mmth’ com. h intro; I Has been isolated from the pituitary I Is enzymatically split into ACTH, opiates, and MSH cm,» W. a...” mm. a, mom, “mm 2ka New. ~ caters ti::ntzm”ixrtt~ of} im Bun 5/26/2010 Pituitary-Hypothalamio Relationships: Anterior Lobe I The anterior lobe of the pituitary is an outpocketing of the oral mucosa I There is no direct neural contact with the hypothalamus and the anterior pituitary sang“ aunt mm r t . Pituitary-Hypothalamic Relationships: Anterior Lobe Mlmwl rflmnuilmk In ”mini mum Iv: m hypomw , ”Macaw noel-i Hypnlhllamie munch m. wwmwllu nueiel WNW“..- ............... (:6an “It“ Mammal m ”mm-MI; Hymn-Inner , ‘ ' bum-en! portal mi... u-mhnwmr- (um-g- mu var Aymara?" .4” " ' myvoomauim mu ~ Prim c-nuurv mam ”mm... .,,,,,, , , 'mry gammy gm"- Lu: Vmb-~—.-——7’;K{‘ / Wm! ‘ - Am-riur m statuary nails 91 manually!“ comm. m" 13H an m hypnphyn‘ "my "mm. Annexe»; Lyn-.1475 mm mm [Er-11mm. 3. Way 10$ng .,,—_ a mm is 5 Activity of the Adenophypophysis I The hypothalamus sends a chemical stimulus to the anterior pituitary I Releasing hormones stimulate the synthesis and release of hormones I Inhibiting hormones shut off the synthesis and release of hormones ruin-"g, mm. mm. 'w. mum“ .t um“ mm x. ...
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