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SCAN0070 - Growth Hormone(GH I Produced by somatotropic...

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Unformatted text preview: Growth Hormone (GH) I Produced by somatotropic cells of the anterior lobe that: I Stimulate most cells, but target bone and skeletal muscle I Promote protein synthesis and encourage the use of fats for fuel I Most effects are mediated indirectly by somatomedins weaves 09m rm=..;—,mm m2. mm . manure LVN-mg! Metabolic Action of Growth Hormone I GH stimulates liver, skeletal muscle, bone, and cartilage to produce insulin-like growth factors I Direct action promotes lipolysis and inhibits glucose uptake a...” a “slam mm... 5/26/2010 Activity of the Adenophypophysis I The tropic hormones that are released are: I Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) I Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) I Follicle-stimulating hormone (F SH) .L; Ly; “13w; _ Crwxhr‘fl MT. 2' (3 Unng ("pray-(W 11M: emanates-es Mei! alkaline 49mm Growth Hormone (GH) I Antagonistic hypothalamic hormones regulate GH I Growth hormone—releasing hormone (GHRH) stimulates Gl-l release I Growth hormone—inhibiting hormone (GHll—l) inhibits GH release om” new! mam comm, m . mm . hum Czar-Au: Metabolic Action of Growth Hormone (***********) mm w mammalian»:- +— neaum. minim “ Ninlulmulm wrymuogwmpunse sunk ' lemma mime lnhIMI «Hm «km “'0'?“ I sun-we“ emu mun mm” Inhibit: an min-m m mea- hue-nan protein 2mm m ammo, and , momma amt-l gm thmfim . m «s llr-Mm: :3.va erfllhfllnuu M“ MD! hamnwmltuhq mum Vic-mum {GUM}. ll‘ll may wlvmawn (emu) :IMMM um I wear um mm ; Ianmulw die-a. mum l6 s ...
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