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SCAN0074 - Thyroid Gland The largest endocrine gland...

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Unformatted text preview: Thyroid Gland The largest endocrine gland, located in the anterior neck, consists of two lateral lobes connected by a median tissue mass called the isthmus Composed of follicles that produce the glycoprotein thyroglobulin Colloid (thyroglobulin + iodine) fills the lumen of the follicles and is the precursor of thyroid hormone Other endocrine cells, the parafollicular cells, produce the hormone calcitonin mm .i saw». imam Thyroid Hormone I Thyroid hormone — the body’s major metabolic hormone I Consists of two closely related iodine-containing compounds I T4 7 thyroxine; has two tyrosine molecules plus four bound iodine atoms I T3 — triiodothyronine; has two tyrosines with three bound iodine atoms Iodine attaches to x rosine, mediated by peroxidase enzymes, forming T1 onoiodotyrosine, or MIT), and T2 (diiodotyrosine, Colloid is then endocytosed and com' lysosome, where T3 and T4 are cleaved . ~ into the bloodstream Ez-vergl mm “swim.“ «new», , mam-V (mm; 5/26/2010 Thyroid Gland mam m , gunman“ _ _ Iielei earlier. can: thyroid cmllzg: Enigma Inlumnl wan ' anml invalid “my Cmmunclmnn artery I . :3"; 'Mm" Inn-nu. of p myrald mum "uh” * um whet-flan condemn-re aviary lnerv m» Iml lob. Am , at "mow gland Flrllnlllculn! call (-1 mm m bent-4.75 «mammary-mm: F‘Nihdgulhuiurm m.“ Effects of Thyroid Hormone I TH is concerned with: I Glucose oxidation I Increasing metabolic rate I Heat production I TH plays a role in: I Maintaining blood pressure I Regulating tissue growth I Developing skeletal and nervous systems I Maturation and reproductive capabilities new,» e 2: i .ltlth1M.N.mM-q a in {Am mm. Synthesis of Thyroid Hormone @Indlm ml! lollinlu Mum Whlrt it “MM In tvm'm ‘n collmd. ion-rm: mm m 16 lmyroglmlin t I- l colloid ' D" [72) mm.) law train:- I: who who! in mun r5 m n ...
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