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SCAN0080 - Gonads Mate I Testes located in an...

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Unformatted text preview: Gonads: Mate I Testes located in an extra-abdominal sac (scrotum) produce testosterone I Testosterone: I Initiates maturation of male reproductive organs I Causes appearance of secondary sexual characteristics and sex drive I Is necessary for sperm production I Maintains sex organs in their functional state i ,M, Wm». any—“mg m. _ I Lobulated gland located deep to the sternum in the thorax I Major hormonal products are thymopoietins and thymosins ' I These hormones are essential for the development of the T lymphocytes (T cells) of the immune system .0.me a 26:; mm humor, he. pm»: is my" want-Ly Other Hormone-Producing Structures I Heart — produces atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), which reduces blood pressure, blood volume, and blood sodium concentration I Gastrointestinal tract — enteroendocrine cells release local—acting digestive hormones I Placenta — releases hormones that influence the course of pregnancy 5/26/2010 Pineal Gland I Small gland hanging from the roof of the third ventricle of the brain I Secretory product is melatonin I Melatonin is involved with: I Day/night cycles I Physiological processes that show rhythmic variations (body temperature, sleep, appetite) n Mm a .w i‘Aer1v'.’1I:M-Vn. lac. ynilwhmx /. in,“ 0mm , :Iirmiaewiuim wannims.:mmmy gens: ADl-l -oroz:nl:sx:bxxpllinn 0N“: ielndncyt'abulcs : mm .1! c fmnrwy Elam; x Thyrafitstiuuhtk'g Harman): F5! I, L” (Gomduu‘epim) l m i V l ‘Ihggmin. metahnltl nle minim 1’71an gum: mm; m Hnrnnmas opangsmm, mm In on: stream, progesterone}; FSH sun-um: gamete p rowmm by V gun‘da ”tutu—1&5 m~ hm4...xnmmnmmunm ..~. hmmnmmm Other HormonemProducing Structures I Kidneys — secrete erythropoietin, which signals the production of red blood cells I Skin — produces(?) cholecalciferol, the precursor of vitamin D I Adipose tissue — releases leptin, which is involved in the sensation of satiety, and stimulates increased energy expenditure ...
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