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SCAN0081 - I Hormones circulate in the blood in two forms...

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Unformatted text preview: I Hormones circulate in the blood in two forms — free or bound I Steroids and thyroid hormone are attached to plasma proteins (IMPORTANT) I All others are unencumbered . 5am“: » Mm Mm Overview of Blood Circulation I Blood leaves the heart via arteries that branch repeatedly until they become capillaries I Oxygen (02) and nutrients diffuse across capillary walls and enter tissues I Carbon dioxide (C02) and wastes move from tissues into the blood * Jan wannabe-m». Wm PowerPoint“ Lecture Slides prepared by Vince Austin. University of Kentucky Blood Modified Dr S Jones Biol 2222 Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition Elaine Ni Mariel) anwll e am I xancufduul’xw y yuan-g 2. dear-1n cum-7;. Overview of Blood Circulation I Oxygen-deficient blood leaves the capillaries and [lows in veins to the heart I This blood flows to the lungs where it releases C02 and picks up 02 I The oxygen-rich blood returns to the heart mm. c an hun- Eda-11m {M We”, a 2km; mam: 6/2/2010 ...
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