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SCAN0087 - Leukocytes(W805 I Leukocytes the only blood...

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Unformatted text preview: Leukocytes (W805) I Leukocytes, the only blood components that are complete cells: I Are less numerous than RBCs I Make up 1% of the total blood volume I Can leave capillaries Via diapedesis I Move through tissue spaces I Leukocytosis — WBC count over 1 1,000 per cubic millimeter I Normal response to bacterial or viral invasion “gm." mm m» .mm Mummy: Lhmn-uc Neutrophils I Neutrophils have two types of granules that: I Take up both acidic and basic dyes I Give the cytoplasm a lilac color I Contain peroxidases, hydrolytic enzymes, and defensins (antibiotic-like proteins) I Neutrophils are our body’s bacteria Slayers z;,,,...;ne,vm ”My cum-W”, yaw... “New ammo. Basophi Is I Account for 0.5% of WBCs and: I Have U- or S-shaped nuclei with two or three conspicuous constrictions I Are functionally similar to mast cells I Have large, purplish—black (basophilic) granules that contain histamine I Histamine — inflammatory chemical that acts as a vasodilator and attracts other WBCs (antihistamines counter this effect) owe», 13 m we». mantra ”only“, “Mn-s. {mm-Ax 6/2/2010 Granulocytes I Granulocytes — neutrophils. eosinophils, and basophils I Contain cytoplasmic granules that stain specifically (acidic, basic, or both) with Wright’s stain I Are larger and usually shorter-lived than RBCs I Have lobed nuclei I Are all phagocytic cells 0-1:va s; cm rem r- Eosinophits I Eosinophils account for 1—4% of WBCs I Have red-staining, bilobed nuclei connected via a broad band of nuclear material I Have red to crimson (acidophilic) large, coarse, lysosome-like granules I Lead the body’s counterattack against parasitic worms I Lessen the severity of allergies by phagocytizing immune complexes (:Wl u m hm. warm, I“ 1;:me u“¥>m ave-"ma Agranuiocytes I Agranulocytes — lymphocytes and monocytes: I Lack visible cytoplasmic granules I Are similar structurally, but are functionally distinct and unrelated cell types I Have spherical (lymphocytes) or kidney-shaped (monocytes) nuclei 6,,“er t can mm. hilmo'm by. rut-mt Mm my} Comes/n ...
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