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SCAN0091 - Clotting factors there are a lot more than we...

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Unformatted text preview: Clotting factors there are a lot more than we are taéking min-.3; e an rm: Detailed Events of Coagulation u mum mama. I‘M! (no, aim «was: a am am“ L’rmuum 2m yaw a) Urlurn: emu“ rim I7 Uh 6/2/2010 Coagulation mm a mug mm Fun» clot at vumlexpfim um um: mum: ”than hm: no blood all: it...“ w. 5’3? a 2:31“ A , t is; wt ‘ $ ‘ at? ~ 3 1‘ can-9m PM ”mu mm mm: mm: Mm M M- “nanny mum- my." um um.“ um ancsmtrtum b: yuan}; mug.” .m n Coaguiation Phase 1: Two Pathways to Prothrombin Activator ' May be initiated by either the intrinsic or extrinsic pathway I Triggered by tissue—damaging events ' Involves a series of procoagulants u Each pathway cascades toward factor X I Once factor X has been activated, it complexes with calcium ions, PF;, and factor V to form prothrombin activator mam: a :w Flam mum 1m panic-1; «mm: dw-ailir: Coagiilation Phase 2: Pathway to Thrombin ' Prothrombin activator catalyzes the transformation of prothrombin to the active enzyme thrombin wring; a m rum-.1 mww m "alum «Mum Khmma> 11 ...
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