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SCAN0086 - Fill in the Blank 6 Blood Viscosity Leukocyte...

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Unformatted text preview: 6/9/2010 Fill in the Blank 6 Blood Viscosity Leukocyte Disorders '3 Myelocytic leukemia involves myeloblasts. *3 Lymphocytic leukemia involves lymphocytes. 3% Acute leukemia involves blast—type cellsand primarily affects children. 9 Chronic leukemia is more prevalent in older people. Leukemia 9 Immature white blood cells are found in the bloodstream. 1‘ Bone marrow is occupied with cancerous leukocytes. w White blood cells that are produced are not functional. a Death is caused by internal hemorrhage and overwhelming infections. e Treatments - irradiation - Antileukemic Drugs - Bone Marrow Transplants 12 ...
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