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SCAN0008 - Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Cells Single celled...

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Unformatted text preview: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells - Single celled organisms - Diverse, some living . Has a nucleus under very harsh conditions (anaerobic/ high heat) - No nucleus - Most have organelles - Can be single or multiple celled - Has a cell wall What are some similarities between the two? elements, molecules, macromolecules, many reactions Cell wall Nucleus Chloroplast n,“ Lisa M... ”mum mm mm Plasma membrane Ribusame /' , Rough endoplasmic reticulum Microtubula ‘ Mkrofilament intermediate VVVVVV /; filament _ Mimd-mndrlcn Plasma membrane mm.“ “WW. mmmm 5w. v n scum-drown Wow, Elm mm « zuzez-r l- :mmnnm :munx Endopla5mic Nucleus reticulum . Golgi apparatus Chloroplast Cell wall mm. Wml Kama-mm mum. < mm am.“ w .‘m, The Cytoskeleton - A protein scaffold is required for support, internal organization, a highway system and movement of a cell - Air] filaments form ropelike threads - mm are rigid fibers packed into bundles - Sen/e as an internal skeleton - Form the mitotic spindle during mitosis — Form movement structures (9.9. cilia, flagella) ...
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