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AD105 - Miscellaneous 200 Points Class Participation...

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AD 10500 Grading Breakdown *subject to change How to mat (check and go) Studio Problems 300 Points 4 squares (paper) 400 Points Line Book 400 Points Negative Positive Shape 400 Points Shape Collection 400 Points Five Elements 300 Points Tee Problem -------------------------------------------------- 2200 Points Computer Problems 200 Points 4 squares plus color 200 Points Dot & Square Albers (check and go) 300 Points Scribble 200 Points Digital Shape/ Composition/ Transparency 200 Points Unit Frieze 200 Points Tee --------------------------------------------------- 1300 Points
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Unformatted text preview: Miscellaneous 200 Points Class Participation/ Readings 100 Points Gallery reports/ Artist Profile 200 Points Final Portfolio Review---------------------------------------------------500 Points Total Points: 4000 Points Factors contributing to your grade : • Assignments in on time • Showing improvement • Class time spent productively • Understands and uses design principles/ elements • Asks good questions when seeking assistance (asks for help) • Contributes in an to class • Uses design vocabulary...
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