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artist profile - designed(elements of design are used What...

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8/16/2010 AD 10500/10600 Textbook Artists Profile Profile number ______ Choose an artist profile from your textbook that is either relate to your major or interests you. Page no: __________ Artist's Name: _______________________________________ What kind of work does this artist do? Why did you select this artist? What do you like LEAST about what this artist says or does creatively? Referring to an illustration of the artist's work, describe how the work is effectively
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Unformatted text preview: designed (elements of design are used) What have you discovered about this person’s profession that you didn’t know already? Use the back of this sheet. Compare and contrast this artist's work with one another artist illustrated in your text. Which artist do you like best? why? page: ____________. illustration: ____________ Artist's name: _______________________Title of work:_______________________...
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