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Unformatted text preview: A D105 F all 2010 I nst ructions for M apping the VPA d rive 1. Right-click on M y Computer ; select M ap Network Dr ive 2. Under D r ive p ick any letter you want (the default Z: is fine but V: is p referred.) 3. Under Folder t ype the following exactly as you see i t below: \ \ \ VPAClasses 4. Checkmark “Reconnect at Login” and “Connect using different credentials” 5. Click ‘Login.’ A new window should pop up 6. Enter your username like this: onepurdue \ username (for example: onepurdue \ jsmith) 7. Checkmark “Remember my credentials” 8. Click “OK” 9. Check M y Computer t o make sure you are now connected to the VPA:// ...
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