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NegativePositivepProb2%20Fall2009 - solve the problem Part...

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AD 10500 STUDIO PROBLEM 2: NEGATIVE / POSITIVE SHAPES and FIGURE/GROUND REVERSAL Objectives: To research various ways of breaking up the two-dimensional space (picture frame) and demonstrate your understanding of the concept of “figure/ground reversal” Problem: Make four examples of negative/positive shape reversal. This effect can be encouraged by composing with approximately 50% black and 50% space. Interlocked shapes also encourage negative/positive shape reversal. Look for simple yet effective and striking results. Experiment and be sensitive to subtle differences. Use the parameters listed below to solve each problem. Part A Only one interlocking black and one interlocking white shape. Cut and/or torn paper required. Black construction paper only. Experiment to discover what edge variations can best
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Unformatted text preview: solve the problem. Part B Two and only two shapes on a white ground. One shape is BLACK and one shape is RED. This problem is solved digitally using Prob2.ai template. YOUR SOLUTION MUST SHOW FIGURE GROUND REVERSAL AND NO ONE SHAPE SHOULD DOMINATE THE COMPOSTION. (hint. Try solving this first with two black shapes and then add the color and adjust. Part C Three black shapes of different sizes on a white ground. Format: • Standard 105 mat (11” x 11” cover birch with 7” x 7” centered window) • Label each legibly at the bottom left (under the mat when matted). Your Name, Specific Problem, Instructor & Section...
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