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AD 10500/10600 GALLERY VISIT REPORT FORM gallery visit (1) (2) (3) Visit an art exhibition at any gallery (VPA, Purdue Galleries, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Art Institute, etc). Check location and open hours before you go. A 2-D exhibition is preferable for AD 10500 and 3-D exhibitions are preferable for AD 10600. Exhibition title: ____________________________________________________________ Location / Date: ____________________________________________________________ Overall, what did you like most about this exhibit? Overall, what did you like least about this exhibit? Which work in the exhibit demonstrates the strongest use of design principles and elements? explain why and how. principles of design: Unity , variety, balance, scale and proportion, rhythm,
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Unformatted text preview: emphasis, movement, economy elements of design: line, shape, value, color, texture , volume, space, mass Select one work of art from the exhibit to examine in more detail. title: _________________________________ artist: ________________________________ On the back of this sheet compare and contrast the work you have selected with one example from your textbook. Why did you select this particular example from your textbook? How are the works similar? how are do they differ? Which artist makes the most effective use of design as organization? page _______ Title _________________________________________________ Artist's name __________________________________________________...
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