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AD 10500 Shape Collection (formally Exploring Shape) The objective of this assignment is to discover, investigate, and work with a variety of shapes using Illustrator and non-digital media. We want to also experiment with how shapes can be successfully combined to make a strong composition in a square format. Here are the compositional examples to be included on your shape collection 1. A composition using Two contrasting organic shapes made from a scanned scribble . Be sure to make effective use of negative spaces. Turn in a JPG file and a JPG of the original scribble scan. (use Illustrator to do this composition) 2. A composition using one implied shape and one shape that is not implied . this can be done with Illustrator or using black and white paper. Turn this in matted.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A composition using two overlapping implied shapes . (use Illustrator or black paper to do this composition) Turn this in Matted. 4. A composition using a combination of geometric and organic shapes that demonstrates color transparency . Limited to 5 or fewer shapes an specific colors provided. You may alter the transparency of the colors but not the HUE. (use Illustrator to do this composition using the ColorCompositionTemplate.ai file.) Turn in a JPG file. Your composition as well as your use of color will be graded for this part. Format: • Each problem should be done in a 7” x 7” square. • Use two standard 105 mats to mat parts 2 and 3 • Label each legibly at the bottom left Your Name Specific Problem number Instructor & Section...
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