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Anthropology 201 Handout 2 – Preservation, Reconstruction, Analogy Two major ways of collecting archaeological information: - survey o settlement pattern o see   for  good example of how settlement patterns are used - excavation o horizontal excavation o vertical excavation Issues of Preservation - postdepositional processes - taphonomy - Principle of  context   =The physical location where material remains are found in the archaeological  record. provenience matrix - Principle (“law”) of  superposition   =Geological layers of the earth are stratified on top of one another, and when  undisturbed , strata on top are younger than those below. - Principle of 
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Unformatted text preview: association =The relative relationship between an arch. entity and its surroundings, based on context and superposition. Issues of Reconstruction-Principle of analogy = Process of reasoning whereby two entities that share some similarities are assumed to share other similarities. It involves using known, identifiable phenomena to identify unknown ones-Middle-Range Research o Ethnographic analogy The study of ethnographies to develop analogies. o Ethnoarchaeology The study of linkages between behaviors and material remains. o Experimental archaeology The use of controlled modern experiments to provide data to aid in building analogies....
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