an201%20handout%209%20stonehenge - there methods are...

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Anthropology 201 Handout – Stonehenge Stonehenge - - Salisbury Plain - Phase 1: Late Neolithic ~5000 BP o Aubrey Holes - Phase 2: Late Neolithic 5000-4500 BP - Phase 3: Early Bronze Age 4500-3500 BP o 3a Bluestones o 3b Sarsen Circle / Trilithons - Amesbury Archer - ews/2008/05/080529-stonehenge- video-vin.html
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- experimental archaeology Julian Richards (archaeologist) Mark Whitby (engineer) Roger Hopkins (stone mason – This Old House) - trilithon - lintel - Avebury - Sarsens - bluestones - chambered tombs (barrows) - Heel Stone Answer the following questions while watching the film (and type these up for part of Assignment 6): 1) How is the monument’s construction reconstructed by the filmmakers? Do you believe that
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Unformatted text preview: there methods are faithful to what Neolithic farmers might have used? Why or why not? 2) What might be left in the archaeological record as part of this process of construction? 3) What would be missing from the archaeological record 4) In general, do you believe that this is a reasonable explanation for how the monument was constructed? Why or why not?--While watching the film, pay attention to the following (details will be filled in by readings/lectures): o Archaeology of the monument o Sequence of building o Explanations for what the Stonehenge monument was used for-...
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an201%20handout%209%20stonehenge - there methods are...

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