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Anthropology 201 Handout: Eastern North America – agriculture and complexity (More information and visuals on Chaco: Origins of Agriculture – Eastern North America - Archaic (5800-3200 BP) - Eastern North American domesticates o sunflower o marsh elder o chenopod o squash o bottle gourd - shell middens - Poverty Point, Louisiana - Early and Middle Woodland (3200-1700 BP) o Adena o Hopewell
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Unformatted text preview: -Charnal (Charnel) Houses-Serpent Mound-Newark Mound-“Vacant Center Pattern”-exchange network-maize agriculture Isotopic analysis-C3 plants-C4 plants Cahokia-Mississippian- /watch?v=NjrvDFHagsk o (some inaccuracies!)-American Bottom-Monk’s Mound-Mound 72-Mound 51-Myth of the Moundbuilders Great Zimbabwe-enclosure-tower-cicular huts (dhaka)...
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an201%20handout%2011%20eastern%20north%20america -...

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