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Anthropology 201 Handout: Harappa and China Harappa Village Life (> 3000 B.C.) Early Harappan (3000 – 2600 B.C.) Mature Harappan (2600 – 1900 B.C.) Rural Interlude (1900 – 600 B.C.) Early Historic Cities (600 – 150 B.C.) - Mehrgarh - Harappa - Mohenjo-Daro o “citadel” o “great bath” - Harappan economy o cultigens from SW and E Asia - Harappan writing o boustrophedonic - Evidence for social stratification? - Collapse o Vedic Sanskrit o Rig Veda o environmental crisis o other states growing in power o millet grew better in south o heterogeneity of artistic styles China Neolithic [>2700 B.C. (4700BP] Longshan Phase (2700 – 2000 B.C.) Xia, Shang Dynasties (2000 – 1027 B.C.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Zhou Dynasty (1027 – 221 B.C.) • Qin Dynasty (221 – 206 B.C.) Neolithic-Northern China o Yellow River o Peiligang (6500-5000BC) millet pigs, chickens o Yangshou (5000-2700 BC) Banpo-Southern China o Huai River o Yangtze River o rice o water buffalo, pigs o Pengtoushan (9000 BP) o Hemudu (6500 BP) Longshan Phase-rice-warfare-differentiation-bronze metallurgy-scapulomancy (oracle bones)-Erlitou Xia and Shang-“Yu the Great”-Shang Dynasty (1800 BC) Zhou Dynasty-mandate of heaven-Confucius Qin Dynasty-Qin Shih Huang Ti-terracotta figures:
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an201%20handout%2014%20harappa%20and%20china - • Zhou...

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