an201%20handout%2016%20maya - o hieroglyphics pictographic...

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Anthropology 201 Handout: Maya Mesoamerica - Tropical Lowlands - Highland Mesoamerica - Central Mexican Plateau (Valley of Mexico) - codex (codices) Maya predecessors - Olmec o La Venta o San Lorenzo o monumental heads - Monte Albán o Oaxaca Valley o Ball court - Teotihuacán (note, not technically a predecssor, but contemporary with Maya) o Pyramid of the Sun Maya - Classic Period (A.D. 250-900) o tropical rainforest o flat scrublands (Yucatan) - slash/burn - raised fields - Tikal, Chichen Itzá
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- Copán o hieroglyphic stairway
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Unformatted text preview: o hieroglyphics pictographic logographic-legitimization by elite o Dos Pilas o Calendar ( – please note, the video focuses on the Maya calendar, when in fact, there was a Mesoamerican calendar used by multiple cultures in Mesoamerica (see attached handout) 260 day calendar 365 day calendar Calendar Round Long Count-Maya Collapse o A.D. 870...
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an201%20handout%2016%20maya - o hieroglyphics pictographic...

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