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Anthropology 201 Handout : Archaeology Today Discovery Channel Video (compare results to book) - spondylus - Cahuachi - Marcaya - INAA (Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis) - Chavín de Huantár - San Pedro cactus - Mining in Chile - San Ramon 15 - Atacama Desert - Chuquicamata o “Copper Man” Archaeology today - Cultural Property Rights o repatriation o NAGPRA 1990 - Cultural Heritage Preservation o looting/pothunting Antiquities Act, 1906 National Historic Preservations Act, 1966 Archaeological and Historical Preservation Act, 1974 Archaeological Resources Protection Act, 1979 o development/construction Environmental Impact Statement (as required by National Environmental Policy Act,
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Unformatted text preview: 1969 Cultural Resource Management (CRM) • Government o BLM o US Forest Service o National Park Service o State agencies (e.g., Indiana DNR) • Private Sector -Careers in Archaeology/Anthropology o 50% in CRM o 35% academic sector o 10% museums o 5% misc.-Field experience or museum experience a must o more information on careers in anthropology o
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