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Page numbers for 4 th Edition Labor Law KK&C Chapter 3 pp.48-62. Focus especially on the National Labor Relations Act and the Taft Hartley Act. Bargaining Power & Final Offer Part  1 KK&C Chapter 4 . Focus especially on bargaining power and micro economic influences on relative bargaining power. The Organizing Process Negotiations KK&C Chapter 8 pp. 192-220. Focus on
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Unformatted text preview: the sub-processes of negotiations and the cycle of traditional negotiations. The modern labor movement and debrief American Dream KK&C Chapter 6 pp. 123-135 Alternative dispute resolution KK&C Chapter 9, pp. 233-245 Participative management KK&C Chapter 12, pp.317-330 Grievance procedure KK&C Chapter 11, pp. 283-296, 301-303...
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