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Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper for SOC220 This is a chance for you to exercise critical thinking analysis I hope you have been gaining in this class. Writing a research paper of this kind will help you to analyze a social problem of your own choosing. Plus, you may also earn additional extra credit points if you write a nice research paper by following the guidelines below (up to 15 points!). Your task is to pick a problem. It may be related to economic ills, political issues, social relationships, cross-cultural experiences, anything like that. Examples could be recent rate of unemployment, the poverty gap, problems associated with sexuality and racism, street violence, corruption of any kind (white-collar, corporate, political, etc.), immigration and labor, technology and social relationships (facebook or twitter may be analyzed), environmental problems, foreign policy, etc. Choose a problem YOU want to analyze. After you have chosen a topic to discuss, you need to do a research on it. The research, however,
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