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1 SOC 220 Social Problems Fall 2010 Materials & Electrical Engineering B012 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 3:30 – 4:20 PM Instructor: Arslan Jumaniyazov Email: [email protected] Office Location: Stone Hall 340 Office Hours: Fridays 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, and (happily) by appointment Mailbox: #48 in Stone 357 Course Description: This course addresses some of the most compelling social problems in society and discusses the diverse contributions sociology has made to the understanding of complex social issues. The course encourages students to think critically and scientifically about a broad array of social problems that affect people throughout the world. These social problems, to name only a few, include health and health care, substance abuse and crime, poverty, prejudice and discrimination, education, environment, sexuality, social policy, and war. As we study these problems (i.e., assessing how extensive they are, what causes them, possible solutions and their implementation) we must go further than mere description and opinion-based analysis and reach a point where we understand them scientifically and can communicate this understanding to others. In this class you will examine social problems using your sociological imagination, identify and understand core concepts and concerns of each social problem, and devise possible solutions to the social problems. The course is designed in such a way that we will use a significant amount of video materials (films, documentaries, short clips) to better understand various social problems facing us and other peoples around the world today; thus enabling you to relax a bit from time to time and earn extra credit points by writing critical response papers for some of these films (usually, you can write response papers for full-length films or documentaries). Course Objectives: There are several specific learning objectives for this course. All course materials and assignments are designed with the following objectives in mind: to help you understand the sociological perspective as a critical approach to social knowledge and social policy. ho help you understand the basic theoretical pillars of the sociological imagination. to help you develop the ability to read and understand basic sociological research.
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2 to help you understand the social processes that shape social behavior and attitude. to help you understand the functions, limitations, and changes in society, social institutions, and social programs. to help you develop skills necessary to apply sociological concepts and principles
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syllabus - SOC 220 Social Problems Fall 2010 Materials...

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