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What is the definition of life course ? What were the relative wealth, power, and prestige of old persons in pre-industrial societies and what are they now? What is the approximate life expectancy in North American and other richest countries of Western Europe? What is ageism? What is age stratification? Where do most of the elderly in the Unites States live? What is the attitude of American society to euthanasia? What is the attitude of doctors? Which group(s) of people suffer most from ageism? What causes young and middle-aged persons to abuse the elderly? What is FBI’s UCR report about? What are the limitations of the report? What is white-collar crime? Victimless crime? Corporate crime? What is institutional violence? What does Emile Durkheim say about crime and criminal punishment? Which sociological perspective does he hold on to? What does Travis Hirschi say about crime and its causes? What is misdemeanor? What is felony?
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