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test1sg - Who wrote the American Pledge of Allegiance What...

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Who wrote the American Pledge of Allegiance? What is Christian Socialism? Which major institution did your instructor mention in the class as the most “socialist” in terms of providing social benefits to its members? Which names are usually associated with classic sociology? Who coined the term “sociological imagination”? What is structural functional theory? What is dysfunction? What is social conflict theory? What is symbolic interaction theory? What is feminist theory? Which sociological theory dominates the field of sociology today? What is the key to a successful survey? How do sociologists use statistics? What is meant by the statement “poverty is a relative concept”? How much do women earn as compared to men in the United States? What do major sociological theories (functional, conflict, interactionist, feminist) say about poverty? Which categories of people in the U.S. (older, younger, white, black, men, women) are more likely to be rich?
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