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RECYCLED%20SPHERE - or added fasteners To introduce model...

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Studio Problem: Recycled Sphere Problem: Construct a 12” sphere from scrap corrugated cardboard. Detail 1: Sphere can only be off + or – 1/8”. You are limited to using corrugated cardboard; no glue or additional materials allowed. No Due:_____ paint is allowed for this problem. Investigate the problem by making two different small scale models. Detail 2: Choose your best mock up and build a full scale for your final solution. It must roll freely down a 15 degree inclined plane in at Due:_____ least 3 directions. Objectives: To understand how to describe a form with compound curves using a planar material. To experience and appreciate working with a “throw away” material. To see how preconceptions may affect creativity. To experience how a form does not have to be wholly defined by material in order to be understood (implied volume). To experience construction techniques that do not use adhesives
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Unformatted text preview: or added fasteners. To introduce model making as an ideation method. Materials: ‘Cereal box’ cardboard, Scrap Corrugated Cardboard as planes, NO tape or adhesives. Grading Scale: A Sphere meets basic criteria of the problem; nearly always rolls down, makes extraordinary use of material, excellent craftsmanship, inventive joining mechanisms, interesting shapes skillfully arranged within the sphere. B Sphere meets the basic criteria of the problem and exhibits an interesting use of shape and arrangement of shapes; usually rolls down, good craftsmanship, not the most obvious solution. C Sphere meets basic criteria of the problem; rolls down from at least one placement, reasonably crafted, standard solution. D One or more of the problem guidelines are not met; falls apart, doesn’t roll well, poor craft, etc....
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