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Computer Problem I: Three-dimensional tessellated wire object. Using the 3D StudioMax template file provided, make a tessellated wire relief surface. Your surface must be three-dimensional. Turn in a 800 x 600 jpeg rendering of your surface. Goals: To create two striking, well composed images from a three-dimensional arrangement of objects. The quality of your image will depend on your ability to manage digital lighting and color. Use the concepts you have learned in AD105 related to shape, color, value and texture to judge your final results. To understand basic three dimensional materials and lighting digital metaphors. o How to describe digital material qualities with ambient, diffuse and specular colors. To experience and understand the effects of subtle colored light on colored objects. To introduce you to the 3D StudioMax (hereafter referred to as “StudioMax”) graphic interface and basic 3D digital concepts. To develop your three-dimensional spline editing skills.
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