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Grading Rubric for Blackboard postings In each posting address the following three dimensions. First, briefly summarize the important points of the readings. Consider what contribution the reading has made to course discussions in particular and education in general. Second, explore the significance of the ideas. You must provide support for why you think a particular idea is important, unimportant, and so on. Use your critical thinking skills. Lastly, integrate the important ideas into your thoughts on education. You will be graded on the depth of your discussion and the originality of your thoughts and the questions/ideas you raise. Try to develop your own argument regarding the ideas that the readings point out. No  evidence Does not meet  expectations
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Unformatted text preview: Nearly meets expectations Meets expectations Exceeds expectations Reflection indicates that the student has read and understands the material (1 point) (2 points) (3 points) (4 points) (5 points) Reflection discusses readings in ways which demonstrate that the student can articulate critical, original insights (1 point) (2 points) (3 points) (4 points) (5 points) The reflection is well-organized and coherent at the overall, paragraph, and sentence level (0.5 point) (1 point) (1.5 points) (2 points) (2.5 points) Spelling and grammar are correct throughout the reflection, 250 words, submitted on time (0.5 point) (1 point) (1.5 points) (2 points) (2.5 points)...
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