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Quiz 3 Leaves - 2010 Page 1 1. A bud is always found at the point of attachment of a leaf to a stem. That location is called the: 1 A stipule B stoma C node D trichome E gland 2. Stomata on leaf surfaces have ______ to regulate gas exchange. 2 A xylem elements B guard cells C stipules D epidermis 3. The stalk that connects the leaf blade to a stem is called what? 3 A vein B mid-rib C phloem D petiole 4. Which one of the following is NOT a function normally associated with a leaf?
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Unformatted text preview: 4 A gas exchange B water and nutrient capture C energy capture D export of photosynthate 5. The type of plant vascular element responsible for TWO WAY movement of materials around a plant is: 5 A cuticle B xylem C phloem D schlerenchyma 2/8/2010 8:58:08 AM...
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