Syll - HORT 10100 Sp11 1 Syllabus HORT 10100 Fundamentals of Horticulture Spring 2011 Class Objective Our objective is to introduce you to

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HORT 10100 Sp11 - 1 Syllabus HORT 10100 - Fundamentals of Horticulture Spring 2011 Class Objective: Our objective is to introduce you to horticulture and, we hope, to challenge you with enjoyable learning. Horticulture is the utilization of knowledge about plants and how they grow to serve mankind in various ways; i.e. with a more nutritious tomato, a larger rose, a more attractive and functional landscape. In this course we’ll use prepared lecture Powerpoints, live lectures and class discussions, laboratory exercises, field trips and guest speakers to assist you in learning. We hope the semester will be a pleasurable and enlightening one for you. Lecture: Monday and Wednesday, 9:30-10:20, Room G126 Lilly Hall Laboratory: Laboratory sections meet in Room 1109 Horticulture Greenhouses. Due to space constraints, you must attend your assigned section. 002 :M 11:30, 003 :M 1:30, 004 :M 3:30, 005 :T 9:30, 006 :T 11:30, 008 :T 1:30 Instructor: Michael Dana, 205A HORT, 494-5923, [email protected], 449-0690 (home) Laboratory Coordinator: Vicki Stirm, 1109A HGRH (Sect. 002, Mon. & 008, Tues.) 427-9639, [email protected] Grad. Teaching Assistants: Matt Andreatta, B013 WSLR (Sect. 005 & 006, Tuesday) 496-6454, [email protected] Heather Pence, B08 HORT (Sect. 003 & 004, Monday) 494-0042, [email protected] Assistance: If you find you are having difficulties with the material in this course, please come to see us early in the semester. Your T.A. is your primary resource and is available outside of lab hours by appointment. Similarly, the lab coordinator and lecturer invite questions. Campus Emergency: In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances. Information about changes in this course will be distributed via Blackboard Vista or email, or you may contact any of the teaching team. Attendance Generally: As per Purdue University policy, attendance is expected of all students at all class sessions. Part 2 — Academic Regulations and Procedures (University Senate Document 71-10, January 17, 1972) Section VI — Classes (University Senate Document 6-5, March 19, 2007.) ATTENDANCE The resources of Purdue University are provided for the intellectual development of its students. Courses with defined schedules are provided to facilitate an orderly and predictable environment for learning, as well as to provide assurance of a registered student’s right to access the course. Scheduled courses allow students to avoid conflicts and reflect the University’s expectation that students should be present for every meeting of a class/laboratory for which they are registered. Faculty are responsible for organizing and delivering a course of instruction and for certifying student accomplishment on the basis of performance.
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HORT 10100 Sp11 - 2 Textbook: No purchased textbook is required. However, complete Powerpoint notes on Blackboard
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Syll - HORT 10100 Sp11 1 Syllabus HORT 10100 Fundamentals of Horticulture Spring 2011 Class Objective Our objective is to introduce you to

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