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Discussion 11-4-09

Discussion 11-4-09 - o A moral life and the good life...

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Prompt 6: “the good life” Narrow vs. Deeper conception o Narrow conception Do not deceive others Do not harm others A list of moral prohibitions To be born o Deeper conception – Gaita Deadf Being moral is fully understanding the preciousness of human beings Knowing them or valuing them as a friend but valuing anyone (even people you don’t know) Everyone has value here? There is no end to understanding this Emotions are a personal matter Requires personal doing “People are valuable” All people are as valuable as one person or they should be Good life – Williams o “Ground projects” o Objective “valuable activities” – Slote o There is no love relationship if you are into harming your loved ones You can’t have a family without already understanding the value of those people at home It would be part of a duality
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Unformatted text preview: o A moral life and the good life overlap but may not be the same thing o Every component that you can come up for a good life, requires being moral There can be an isolated part of your timeline where morality doesn’t come into play • Generalizable • Agent-neutral action Moral generalizable part o Morality according to Nagel is the isolated section o If it is generalizable, everyone should want to be moral o Irrational property???? • The good life conception is not going to be a determining factor necessarily o The two conceptions about morality which are deeper and narrow conceptions can make the paper richer o Ask what’s the link between what’s a good life and moral life Write about Nagel Deep conception is contrast of the narrow conception...
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Discussion 11-4-09 - o A moral life and the good life...

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