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Trouble in River City S09

Trouble in River City S09 - PS#8 Trouble in River City...

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PS#8: Trouble in River City Nestled deep in the upper reaches of the Shenandoah River valley, the little town of Standin’ is a quaint Shenandoah Brigadoon – “the town that time forgot”. For as long as anyone can remember, a single company, Grubb Textiles, has employed the bulk of the town’s labor force of 20,000. Each Grubb worker has produced his or her annual output of 30 bolts of standard white sheeting, and no one has ever questioned the fact that men at Grubb are paid $4,000 more per year than women. No one, that is, until now. Helen McFury, a recent UVa graduate, has been swept into office as Mayor, on a powerfully feminist platform. “Unequal wages for equal work is intolerable,” she insists stridently. As her first official act, she proposes a town ordinance requiring that men and women at Grubb be paid the same wage. “This is not simply social justice for women,” she argues. “The whole town will benefit as Grubb’s total payroll rises.
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